5 09, 2019

MiMi Woman’s Wrap

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Baby you weren't born to blend in! You were born to stand out! The Mimi is a bold statement piece that says I am strong.  I am worthy.  I am a superhero who needs a cape! The Details:  The Mimi is a sweater-knit wrap featuring center-front-buttons and fringed hem.  The beauty in the Mimi [...]

3 09, 2019

Mitzi Woman’s Top

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Tick-tock, tick-tock I can't wait for 5 o'clock.  I have plans tonight, and the Mitzi I'm wearing is the ideal top to transition from the office to where fun is the name of the game! Her fitted silhouette and matching sash, make the waist look so snazzy!  If I just slip on some denim [...]