There’s no denying that once you try this beauty on, it’ll be a wrap! (See what we did there?)  We were able to order this stunner TODAY so be sure to join our group to add this to your Collection!

The Bella is an a-line wrap skirt with a flirty ruffled hemline. It features an attached sash and encased elastic at the center back, making this piece truly adjustable and perfect for dressing up or down. The Bella skirt is made of super stretchy DTY fabric.

I’ve been looking forward to this all week! After all this time, I still feel a million butterflies.

I hope my date feels them too. Hair done, nails on point, and the perfect shade on my lips! Now I just need to find the perfect shoes and I’m ready to go out. It may not be our first date, but the Bella skirt makes every date feel like the first one.